Anne Wille

Areas of expertise

We translate all sorts of texts and no subject is outside our scope. Our experience covers the following areas in particular:


  • Certificates, declarations, wills, marriage contracts, legal separation and divorce papers, examination certificates
  • Judgments, claim forms, indictments, statutes, regulations and provisions, corporate documents, contracts, letters of attorney, registration of property, conveyances, bankruptcy orders, leasing documents


  • Patient information, medical records and medical certificates, notifications of claim
  • Teaching materials, medical literature, package leaflets, marketing authorisations


  • Manuals, product catalogues and data sheets
  • Cookbooks and recipes


  • Correspondence, brochures and sales material, terms and conditions, insurance policies and pensions, newsletters and company releases, management statements, home pages, PowerPoint presentations 


  • Articles within the following subject areas:
    botany, geology, zoology, ornithology, music, ecology, anatomy, physiology
  • Subtitles